All our wigs guarantee you a very natural & discreet and undetectable look! We use fine tulles that blend perfectly on your skin.

Do not hesitate to add your powder foundation under the tulle for an even more natural look.



A lace wig frontal wig has a tulle on the entire front of the wig (end of each ear), on which are implanted by hand 100% natural hair one by one. You will be able to style your hair and manipulate the front of the wig as if it were really your hair! Very natural effect guaranteed!

- 13 x 4: ear to ear installation: 13" (33cm) wide, 4" (10cm) deep

- 14 x 6: ear to ear installation: 13" (33cm) wide, 6" (15cm) deep


A 360 Lace wig is a wig made with a thin, transparent lace base that extends around the entire contour of the head, including the nape of the neck. This lace base helps create an illusion of hair that seems to grow straight from the scalp.

The hair is often hand-sewn onto the lace base, providing a more realistic and natural appearance.


It is a tulle on which are implanted by hand, point by point, the hair, in order to imitate the natural capillary implantation of the scalp.

It is an extension used to “close” your weave or wig by playing on a very natural look thanks to a parting that best imitates your scalp. Among other things, it protects your contour and your hair when you weave by giving the natural illusion of a parting.

- 4 x 4: 4 " (10cm) wide, 4" (10cm) deep


  • There is something for every taste ! Smooth, wavy, curly…
  • All our weaves offer you the possibility to choose from all sizes ranging from 20 cm to 70 cm .


Density is the volume of hair on your wig, it refers to the desired hair thickness. It varies according to the desired effect.

There are 2 different density percentages: 150% and 180%

  • 180% - Maximum Density: Voluminous and extravagant haircut with lots of movement and fluidity. This density is intended for women who like to have a lot of volume and want to have a very glamorous effect.
  • 150% - Normal Density: A nice density for women who want their hair to look natural with a bit more volume.


All our collections guarantee you an exceptional lifespan 100% natural & reusable to achieve all your hairstyles.

Here are the steps to follow:

Shampoo: soak in lukewarm water with your usual shampoo for at least 10 to 15 min (no rubbing), then mix them in the water.

Rinse: rinse with lukewarm water to open hair pores

Conditioner & detangling: apply your conditioner to the entire length of the hair with a large comb or brush.

Rinse: Rinse with cold water to close the scales of the hair cuticle for a smooth and shiny appearance.

Drying: after gently wringing them out, remove excess water by dabbing with a towel, then let them air dry.