What hair routine to adopt to sublimate your hair?

What hair routine to adopt to sublimate your hair?

We all have things that we cherish very much, and to keep them as long as possible and in good condition, we do everything necessary regarding their maintenance.

The same goes with our hair. The more we maintain them, the more we have the right gestures and the longer they will make us happy. Only, we also have the habit of subjecting them to many things in the hope of giving them the desired shape. The daily use of heating tools is mainly in question (hair dryer, straightener, headphones, etc.). However, the more they are in contact with these devices, the more they take a hit. To limit the damage caused by their daily impact, special care must be taken before using these devices.

Several actions must be taken to ensure the protection of our hair before using a heating device. By integrating them into your daily or weekly routines, you will achieve dreamy hair.

Hydration: remember to moisten your hair well

Healthy hair contains a certain amount of water. More precisely, there are 11 to 15% water, hence their shine. On the other hand, if the water content of the hair is less than 7%, it is in the ''dry'' state. As a result, they become dull. Not only that, but low humidity in the hair can cause various hair issues such as cut hair and hair loss.

It can therefore be said that it is necessary to ensure an appropriate amount of water in order to prevent hair and shine problems. Our locks have the property of absorbing water easily, and the amount of water in the hair changes with the humidity. For example, when you take a bath, the amount of water in your hair can reach 30% to 35%. The water content gradually decreases by wiping with a towel and the use of the hair dryer increases the drying.

Several solutions exist to provide hydration, especially the use of moisturizing shampoos.

Proper use of moisturizing shampoos. They are suitable as mild cleansers to prevent hair from drying out.

There are different types of moisturizing shampoos. To check the composition of the shampoo, look at the label on the back of the bottle or packaging. Since the ingredients are listed in descending order, it's a good idea to choose a shampoo that has the ingredients you're looking for listed first.

The process

Start by brushing before applying shampoo. By brushing, you can loosen tangled hair and remove dust from the hair. This will make washing easier. After that, wash your hair with warm water before applying shampoo. By washing the hair with warm water beforehand, you can remove any dirt such as dust on the hair and also improve the foaming effect when applying shampoo. At the end, rinse thoroughly. If shampoo agent remains, pores can clog and bacteria can grow.

Drying to sublimate your hair

Once you've washed your hair, use a towel to dry it from root to tip. The dry towel should wrap your hair instead of rubbing it. It is important to absorb moisture from your hair with a towel, but be careful as rubbing can damage your hair.

Avoid using your fingers and fingernails to wipe your scalp. Microfiber and 100% cotton towels have excellent water absorption and are easy to use for hair drying. If you wipe your hair with a towel that is also used to wipe your body, water absorption will be less effective. So if possible, you should have a separate hair towel from the towel that wipes your body.

The choice and application of hair oil

Hair oil is a hair care agent used during treatment and styling. It has been used for a long time to give shine to the hair.

There are two main types of hair oils. One is "vegetable" and the other is "mineral".

Typical vegetable hair oils are olive oil and camellia oil. The particularity is that it is an oil harvested from plants, and some products are 100% pure. The natural ingredients contained in the plant are effective for hair and scalp.

On the other hand, mineral hair oil uses high purity mineral oil. Most hair oils are mineral. As a feature, it has the effects of protecting the hair from external stimuli and improving its sensitivity. In addition, mineral oil for hair is also effective in repairing the tips of the hair, but care must be taken not to use it on the scalp.

It is best to use hair oil before drying your hair with a hair dryer. After washing, towel dry your wet hair before applying oil. The reason is that it is easier to apply after removing as much water as possible.

It is also important to respect the recommended dose of hair oil. If you put too much, the hair becomes sticky and if you put little, the effect is halved. So use an appropriate amount that suits your hair. The proper amount is about 4-5 drops. By using hair oil this way before using the hair dryer (or any other heating device), you can better protect them.

The secret to shine and radiance

To maintain the shine of the hair, it is necessary to take care of the outside and the inside. External care consists of avoiding UV rays and using shampoo and other hair products correctly. Internal care is all about maintaining proper nourishment for your hair. It is important to make these two treatments a daily habit. To go a little further in the sublimation of your hair, do not hesitate to consult a hair care specialist.


Whether blonde, brown or curly, enhancing your hair requires a hair routine that you have to stick to if you want beautiful, shiny hair as a result.
Thus, the correct follow-up of all the methods defined above is essential for maintaining your hair shine.

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