Which hair extension to choose?

Which hair extension to choose?

From the world's biggest celebrities to everyday people, everyone wears them now. Whether it is to enrich a particular hairstyle, for a night out or to hide a problem, more and more people are resorting to hair extensions. How many of us have, at least once in our life, been completely dissatisfied with the hairdresser's haircut, or regretted the state of our hair after bleaching? Knowing how to choose between a multitude of extension brands becomes not only quite an interesting game, but also a very serious one.

Which extension to choose, keratin, biadhesive, texture or clip?

The choice of extensions varies depending on the type of result you want to achieve. Whether you opt for keratin, biadhesive, clips or weave, always consider choosing real hair. Human hair gives a splendid final effect (either in volume or in naturalness), but also because if you decide to change color the result would be very realistic. Extensions are divided into Remy and Non-Remy. The first are made up of strands that have the hair arranged one by one in their natural direction (root-tip) and therefore obviously the cuticles are in the same direction.

Keratin extensions, the advantages and disadvantages of this technique

Keratin extensions are the most used and also the best known. The average application time is around 3 hours and the price may vary between hairdressers. To fill a head, you need about 100 to 200 strands. Their duration is about 6 months and they are not reusable. If you want voluminous pleats, curls and waves, this extension model is definitely the most suitable.

Weaving, the advantages and disadvantages of this technique

Weaving extensions are sewn using braids and inserted into headbands. They have a fairly long duration of about 4-6 months depending on hair growth. They can also be reused. You have to be very careful when drying them because the braid that holds the extensions can stay wet. The price is relatively affordable, and the average membership time is two hours. Hair weighs a lot together so often, kinks with curls tend to last less. But no one will notice if the application is done by professionals.

Perfect hair in 10 minutes with clips

Clips are the most durable and easy to apply solution. All you need is a little dexterity and the result is guaranteed! They are taken off at the end of the day, all in a few seconds. If stored with care, they last for a very long time, which is why they are definitely the cheapest solution. Clip-in extensions are virtually invisible, designed not to weigh your hair down, and available in a wide range of colors. They are also the perfect solution for girls who want to change their color, but without ruining their own.

Biadhesive extensions

No need to save on extensions. If you have decided to buy them, treat yourself only to quality extensions otherwise at the first wash, the result can be very disappointing and you risk destroying your hair. The double-sided adhesives are applied in 60 minutes and last approximately 3 months. The price is more contained and the effect is natural and voluminous at the same time. The locks are about 4 cm thick. For this reason, you will have to buy fewer packages, usually 7 packages are enough to have a full effect.

Useful tips

Do not save on the health of your hair, take care of the extensions with moisturizing masks at least once a week. Do not abuse the hair dryer too much, and brush them delicately every evening.


Whatever type of extensions you choose, quality is very important. It is also important that those chosen have guarantees of quality, but also of ethics and must be traceable. Indeed, there are many stories of abuse and acts of violence against women, especially in less fortunate countries, who are forced to grow their hair then cut and sold as extensions at low cost.

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