Our tips for having shiny hair

Our tips for having shiny hair

Between pollution, cold, stress and poor diet, there are plenty of reasons why your hair turns pale every day. This is all the more serious if you are a fan of tight hairstyles, hats or high-heat hair dryers. Even if from the outside, you have the impression that everything is fine, over time, the hair fiber no longer resists and it does not take long to know. You will easily notice that your hair loses its luster, which naturally affects your style. This is precisely the reason why we decided to share with you our most ingenious tricks.

Your shampoo has the first word on the shine of your hair

To begin with, if your hair is dry, dull and brittle, it's very hungry, and it's up to you to find out what it's missing. You must continually bring nutrients to it through intense washing sessions and for this, equip yourself with the right tools. You have certainly already adopted a routine in terms of shampoos and conditioners. But if your hair remains dull, it may be an invitation to vary.

For example, set aside your “disciplining” or “color-protecting” skincare for a while and consider a softer, nourishing and hydrating formula. Apart from the composition, the method of use is also important: stop rubbing, but massage, it facilitates blood circulation on your head and your hair loves it.

Freshness and shine go hand in hand when it comes to hair

Washing your hair properly takes time, so don't do it in a hurry, and under no circumstances. Your hair may be heavy, less voluminous and have difficulty breathing because of the residue that remained there during washing. This is why you must take the trouble to rinse them well so that they are less sad. Despite its apparent simplicity, cold water has the ability to tighten the scales to make your hair stronger and shiny.

And at the time of rinsing, you can adopt a solution based on lemon or vinegar, it is really good for the hair. In any case, take your courage in both hands and always finish cleaning your hair with a good jet of cold water to restore tone.

One brushing is never too much for shiny hair

It is important to brush your hair as much as possible, both in the morning and at bedtime. Especially in the evening, brushing the hair helps to get rid of dust and other particles that have become encrusted during the day. So that this rescue operation does not produce the opposite effect, be sure to use a quality comb. Everything must be done very gently, taking the trouble to undo the ends so as not to end up with hair lying around everywhere.

On the other hand, the movement from top to bottom allows an even distribution of the sebum which is at the root of your hair. Do not hesitate to associate essential oils with this ritual, but not in too large quantities. Usually one or two drops are enough, especially in the evening, as this allows time for these precious essences to go deep to nourish your hair while you sleep.


If your hair looks dull, it's simply because it lacks nutrients and care. Your job is to bring it to them through daily rituals like brushing and squirting cool water. You can also add a few ingredients to your usual shampoo such as white vinegar to increase its effectiveness in terms of shine. And if you've ever done a color, your hair will especially need products specially designed to push the color pigments.

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