The most trendy haircuts for fall 2020

The most trendy haircuts for fall 2020

Back to school is the perfect time to set new goals or change your look. And what better than a new haircut to start this period off right? Discover the trendy hairstyles of the moment!

A short cut to make a splash

For several years, long hair was THE benchmark for haircuts. From now on, fashion is for short and boyish cuts. This hairstyle will give you a totally different and original look.

If you're ready to cut your hair, the plunging bob is a safe bet for an oval or rectangle face. But if you want more originality and you have a square face, opt for a short gradient. The effect will be even better if you have curly or wavy hair.

Know that shortening the length of your hair will also help remove split ends. Thus, they will grow faster and be healthier. In addition, short haircuts also require less maintenance on a daily basis.

Adopt the fringe for the start of the school year

The fashion that is making a comeback for this 2020 school year is undoubtedly the fringe. If you don't want to mess with the length of your hair, just cut in the front. Well chosen, the fringe will allow you to change your style or modify the structure of a hairstyle.

Short bangs are the trendiest especially if you have very long hair and a round face. For a face with a square shape, prefer long and tapered bangs. If you have an oval or elongated face, opt for side bangs that give your cut a vintage look.

Adopt a new hair color

A new haircut does not necessarily mean going to the hairdresser to remove inches. Changing color is also a good alternative. The "brond" mixture of blond and brown is also a trendy color. This shade is easier to maintain and adapts to any skin tone.

You can also bleach a few strands of hair in the front. Very trendy, this fashion is however not new. But Bella Thorne and Kylie Jenner have brought it up to date. You can adopt a livelier color like Billie Eilish over your roots.

In the same style, there is also the “color block” effect. The principle will be to have two different colors, above and below the hair. So when you do a half ponytail, you will reveal the color difference.

What about accessories?

To create great hairstyles on a daily basis, wear hair accessories of all kinds. Since this summer, barrettes are back on stage. In the shape of knots, with pearls or with inscriptions, these clips make all the difference on a very simple hairstyle. You can also use the "foulchie", an accessory halfway between the scarf and the scrunchie. It will allow you to tie up your hair while giving your look a little retro edge.

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