The benefits of oil bath

The benefits of oil bath

When we talk about "oil bath" for the hair, the first idea that comes to mind is to soak your hair in a container filled with oil and wait for it to take effect, which is very funny in effect. Oil bath rhymes first of all with quality and softness. It is a question of bringing to the hair an essential oil, full of ingredients which will come to repair and enrich your hair in order to restore all their vitality. The process is also carried out in a proportionate way, because, given the cost of these pure oils, you can be sure that the sense of economy will be there. And if you are wondering what an oil bath will bring you, some advantages are explained in the following lines to give you an idea.

The oil bath on your oily hair

Although oil baths have long been proven to moisturize dry hair, oily hair can also benefit from these little treasures. Especially if you are a victim of dry ends and oily roots. To remedy this famous syndrome, all you have to do is apply oil to the length of your hair only, avoiding the roots, so as not to weigh it down.

On the other hand, an effective oil bath can help regulate your sebum production, you just need to choose one that is suitable. For example, you can turn to fairly light oils such as those with nigella, jojoba or even hazelnuts. Given that these treasures of nature are known to have sebum-regulating properties, you will be delighted to see your lengths nourished and plumped up.

The oil bath for more beautiful hair

To begin with, you must get rid of mineral oils which, in addition to being inert, do not penetrate deeply into the hair fiber. Even though they make your hair feel softer, they don't care for you. However, carrier oils have more active ingredients to help you get the real benefits from an oil bath, though you need to follow the right method. If you don't use any, you can opt for a product made from various vegetable oils.

Whether dull, weakened, brittle or dry, your hair has the opportunity to benefit from the benefits of coconut, sweet almond or argan oils, which are particularly recommended. In the Magreb countries, olive oil is also privileged, the proof: it is used in the design of many choice products. However, instead of using the one in your kitchen, treat yourself to a cold-extracted quality that still retains all of its essential properties.

Increase the effectiveness of an oil bath on your hair

The effectiveness of an oil bath depends on the respect of a few steps even if in the end, you always have the choice. For example, you can start by applying a few drops of oil to your hair, whether it's unwashed, dry, or a little wet. Most of the work happens during the application and massage, because you must carefully proceed strand by strand.

The massage must be as gentle as it is intense, since each fiber must be able to benefit from the operation. You should start by applying the oil along your strands and work your way down to the scalp if desired. After massaging for a long time, it is a good idea to gather your hair in a bun and cover with a plastic wrap, a hat or a scarf to protect your sheets from oil stains. Finally, let the oil bath act overnight and in the morning, rinse your hair and wash your usual shampoo.


For ages, natural oils have been used for their various properties and in the hair world even more so. Each of them has a particular role on your hair, but it can happen that the results differ depending on the person. While some work on your dry ends, others work on oily roots or promote hair growth. Therefore, you must learn to make the right combinations and test various tricks to find the ones that really restore vitality to your hair.

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