How to dry your hair in less than 15 minutes?


How to dry your hair in less than 15 minutes?

Although we love them very much, our hair knows how to put us in all our states when it comes to maintaining it.

It is very common that they put us behind in our activities. When you count the time to dry and style them, that's a lot. However, there are many methods to effectively dry the hair and that in less than 15 minutes. So that you no longer spend a lot of time with the hair dryer in your hands, we offer some methods for achieving quick drying.

What not to do when drying

Some of our gestures do more than dry our hair. They also damage them.  So avoid:

  • To dry them still wet with a dryer
  • Use of unsuitable towels
  • Not to prepare your locks for drying by "pre-drying" them
  • Using a bad hair dryer

The best place for drying

      We often tend to use the bathroom to dry our hair. But whether it's the bathroom or your dressing room, the humidity of the place will not work in your favor. It is best to choose a dry place.

      Be thorough

      Water drops flow from the root to the tips. It is therefore preferable to save time to start drying with the roots and to continue gradually.

      Use two towels

      Using a towel can slow down the stain more than anything else. The amount of water a towel can absorb is limited, so use a second one to maximize the time savings.

      Paper towels: who would have thought of that?

      After passing the towel, use a few sheets of absorbent paper. It absorbs water residue left by the towel. This implies a shorter use of the hair dryer.

      Quick-drying hair products

      There are all kinds. They facilitate the task without damaging the wicks. You can find it in cosmetic shops and specialty stores.

      Quick-drying spray

      A spray that dries hair quickly. It is used after the passage of the towel. Check the package insert for proper use of the product.

      A quick-drying towel

      Not just any towel. A microfiber towel. This towel is simply one of the most suitable tools for the occasion. It dries hair 4 times faster than a normal towel. In addition, it does not catch and above all does not damage the hair. Using the microfiber towel is very easy. You can either wrap your hair in it (for 5 minutes. When the towel is removed it will have absorbed all the moisture) or just gently dab it for 10 minutes.

      The after shampoos a big time saver

      This is a tip ignored by many. The use of the conditioner is beneficial on several points. In our case, it acts as a time saver in the shower. This is a step that should not be overlooked. The conditioner contains silicone which, in addition to smoothing your roots, also reduces the amount of water there, not by absorbing it but by sliding it over the entire length of the locks. So how to use it?

      • Cover hair with shampoo. Without using the hands but rather a comb with wide teeth. The comb allows you to obtain an even spread of the conditioner. You can also (for those with fine hair) apply a little oil to dry ends.
      • After rinsing your hair to remove the conditioner, use your fingers to loosen the roots when you get out of the shower. Begin the drying process before getting out of the shower by gently squeezing your hair with your fingers. Thus, they will get rid of excess water. Then detangle them with your fingers from roots to ends and shake them to circulate the air.
      • To remove water residue, pat a part of the head with a towel for a few moments and then move on to the next. Repeat the operation 2 or 3 times, making sure not to use the same side of the towel each time. Try to favor the roots because the ends of the hair dry faster.
      • Finally, comb them through.

      Quick drying shampoos

          There are several brands that offer quick drying shampoos. They are really effective and reduce the use of the hair dryer.

          Dry the hair with a blow dryer

          Although its long-term use is not highly recommended, it is still one of the most appropriate tools for this situation. In order not to use it for a very long time, use one with a high power. In a few minutes the task will be completed.

          • Start by gently squeezing the hair with your fingers
          • Then pat the hair dry with a towel (preferably microfiber).
          • Then you adjust your hair dryer (especially do not forget to use the flat end) by opting for an average temperature. So they can dry gently.

          In order to prevent the heat emanating from the device from attacking the hair, it is necessary to equip yourself with the hair product (mousse, heat-protective cream or oil) adapted to your hair and to avoid putting too much on it. so as not to suffocate the fiber.

          Use the microfiber brush

          If you use other ones, be aware that microfiber ones are perfect for this use. These are brushes made of normal bristles mixed with microfibers. It is therefore necessary to use it for quick drying of the hair. They considerably reduce the natural drying time. Indeed, it allows the perfect disentangling of the lengths. With each passage on our wet hair, the microfiber brush will absorb the residues of water and humidity (30% humidity depending on the brand). You can combine it with a hair dryer. And now your hair is all dry and you are ready to go out.


          Hair drying for curly and high volume locks is very time consuming. The application of these rules can considerably reduce
          the drying time of your hair.
          As for using hair dryers, get a good quality one. Limit the number of uses as much as possible and keep a distance far enough away from your locks.

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