How to style your hair with curly hair?

How to style your hair with curly hair?

The hair, a real asset of seduction, requires special attention. Indeed, many articles on the web, as well as videos, make it possible to identify the type of hair and the appropriate hair routine. It is in this order that the choice of hairstyle falls.

If you have questions about how to style curly hair, then you've come to the right place, because the following lines are some of the answers.

Introducing curly hair

According to the hair typology carried out by André Walker, curly hair is of type 3 and type 4. Each type has 3 sub-categories.

Type 3

This is the curly hair itself, for 3A hair the curls are well defined and flexible. For 3B hair, the curls are well defined in a curly or corkscrew shape, and for 3C hair, the curls are tight corkscrew, the texture is similar to frizzy hair.

Type 4

This type refers to frizzy hair. True, it has 3 subcategories, but only the first two have the look of curly hair. 4A hair is curly or curly and represents the least dry hair in the frizzy range and for 4B hair, the curls are in the form of a spiral and are very soft.

How to keep your curls?

When you wake up, just like when you go to bed, a few rituals are essential to keep the curls in their place.

At bedtime

It is imperative to cover the hair for example with a scarf, then you have the choice between tying the hair with a scrunchie, and not a sling at the risk of damaging it, and making loose protective mats.


It is necessary to undo its night protection, put a little vegetable oil under the hands and apply it to the hair to protect them as well as give them shine. Using your fingers, untangle your hair and finally style as you wish without using a comb.

Hairstyle ideas for curly hair

Regardless of the hair style validated, when you have curly hair the reduction in length is done dry. This is when the hair has its normal shape, the curls are well defined and not stretched. Unlike straight hair, curly hair naturally has volume. Too bad that the holders block on classic hairstyles, therefore, let's present some recent hairstyles adapted to curly hair.

curly bun

The hair is formed into a knot, at the top of the head. Deliberately, a few locks are exposed for a less strict effect.

The contrasting buckles

In terms of lengths, a real master work is done to give volume to the curls. The frank is smoothed with an iron.

The curly square

Perfect cut for everyday life, it does not require special styling. Just moisturize them from time to time.

short curly

Short cut with voluminous curls, the frank is curly while the remaining locks are intertwined for an unstructured effect.

The ties

Using ties, make a ponytail, loose braids held back or to the side.


Curly hair is naturally voluminous. They are certainly very fragile, but thanks to a good hair routine it is only a distant memory. Once, you have read this information about curly hair, say goodbye to prejudice. Don't be afraid to dare hairstyles of all kinds, just take into account your face type, the type of curl and above all don't forget a cut on curly hair is done dry.

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