How to promote hair growth?

How to promote hair growth?

Hair loss is a nightmare for many people. Having hair that grows fast is a dream for many others. If there is no miracle solution, there are still some methods to boost hair growth.

Apply castor oil

Oil baths are well known for deeply nourishing the hair fiber. Castor oil, in particular, is best known for accelerating hair growth. It contains a lot of fatty acid as well as omega 6 and 9. This composition helps to promote natural hair growth while ensuring better health.

However, this product is very sticky. Therefore, it is recommended to mix it with other more liquid vegetable oils for easy application. In order to stimulate the bulb, do not hesitate to leave this product on all night. Use a bathing cap or cap when sleeping. This way, you won't risk staining the sheets and ears with the grease.

Make a brewer's yeast cure

Taking a brewer's yeast treatment can help promote hair growth. This type of capsules are sold in pharmacies and the recommended dose is 1 tablet per day for at least 3 months. In addition to acting on the growth of your hair, brewer's yeast is also good for your nails.

However, avoid this method if you naturally have a lot of hair. The cure risks accentuating this phenomenon even more, since it affects all the hairs and cannot target only the hair. In addition, it is recommended to talk to your doctor before consuming this product.

Rinse hair with vinegar

After each shampoo, rinsing with vinegar water is a simple method to boost hair growth. Thanks to its properties, this product automatically tightens hair scales. In addition, the vinegar will allow the hair to become shinier.

To do this, pour a quarter of a liter of vinegar into a bottle with a liter of water. Prepare this rinsing water before washing your hair in order to let it rest for a few minutes. Avoid placing it under the light so as not to accentuate its strong smell.

Perform head massage

Scalp massage can easily activate blood circulation. This process will stimulate the bulb to promote hair growth. Perform a massage at least twice a week, for 10 minutes.

This trick is very pleasant since the massage is a real moment of relaxation. You can do this during your shampoo or when applying conditioner. You can also use a bamboo comb to perform this technique.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

All these tricks to accelerate hair growth will only be effective if you adopt a healthy lifestyle. Avoid the consumption of fat and sugar as much as possible and opt for a diet rich in vitamins, fruits and vegetables. Be aware that cigarettes and alcohol can make hair dull.

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