How do I maintain my wig?

How do I maintain my wig?

The wig often called hairpiece is a hairstyle made of false hair. It comes from human hair or it is purely synthetic. In antiquity, wigs were used to protect shaved heads from the sun's rays. Nowadays, the wig is more used by people practicing chemotherapy. It is also used as a fashion accessory.

Owning a wig is all well and good, but knowing how to maintain it is even better. In the following article, you will discover all the tips to maintain your impeccable wig.

Presentation of the wig

Unlike a time when the wig was reserved only for the bourgeois class, nowadays it is accessible to all social classes. Depending on budgets, there are several types of wigs.

natural hair wigs

They generally come from India, but also from China, Brazil and rarely from the European continent because of the very high price. As its name suggests, it is human hair, the real advantage is that this type of wig is treated like the hair: styling, bleaching, smoothing...

synthetic wigs

The synthetic wig is made using synthetic fibers. This type of wig visually resembles a natural one when it is well done. The downside is that it cannot be handled like a natural wig when it comes to processing, but the price is largely affordable.

Lace front and full lace wigs

These are the most expensive wigs in view of the time taken for the realization and the techniques used. A lace front is a natural wig, placed at the front of the head without however being in contact with the hair. This further protects the hair. The full lace, on the other hand, is placed over the entire head. Whether it is the lace front or the full lace, the visual rendering is the same. The natural effect is there.

wig maintenance

Just like your own hair, the wig requires special maintenance depending on its type. You should avoid washing your wig all the time, it is advisable to wash it according to the frequency of use.

To wash it , in a basin filled with cold water add soap or a shampoo. Never apply it directly to the wig. Then, insert the wig and leave for 10 to 15 minutes then rinse with clear water. This step completed, using a sponge or a towel wrung out the wig without however twisting it and leaving to dry in the open air.

For styling , if it is a curly wig. You just have to put oil to give it shine if not, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle starting with the tips in order to style it as it should.

For storage , it must be protected from all sources of heat and always put a ball inside the wig to keep its shape.

The natural wig

Before washing it , you have to start by detangling it. Then in a basin containing lukewarm water and a specific shampoo, immerse the wig and not soak. Then apply a wig balm and let it sit. Finally, rinse with water.

For drying , put your wig in a ventilated place or use a hair dryer.

Styling, if you have a straight wig use a straightener, for a curly wig you can put curlers or use a curling iron.

For storage , put it away from dust and incorporate a ball inside to keep the shape.


The maintenance of the wig requires specific attention, like the type of wig in your possession. For a synthetic wig, avoid all sources of heat and for a natural one advocate the use of hot springs, but at very low temperatures. This is how your wig will keep its shine for a long time. So go ahead and take care of your wig in your own hands.

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