How to detangle frizzy hair?

How to detangle frizzy hair?

Most often, when trying to detangle frizzy hair, we tend to cut a few fibers along the way. Which is not insignificant if you try to add up over time and it is indeed a real mess for your look. While in reality, it only takes simple and strategic gestures to give your hair the desired texture. From now on, there is no longer any need to make this operation a real obstacle course, because here we entrust you with some of our tips.

Detangle your frizzy hair when damp

Good detangling normally starts in the shower, if you do this step right you can consider the rest to be child's play. When shampooing, avoid small circular movements, as this is where large knots begin. Choose a shampoo that is gentle and moisturizing, even better if it contains detangling agents, your conditioner should also follow the same principles.

And when rinsing, there's no need to twist the hair to make it feel well wrung out. It is best to accompany them along the entire length with your palm without rubbing. And if you choose to towel dry, limit yourself to dabbing very gently, frizzy hair likes it. Indeed, most tools that pass over your head should be subject to the same requirement for tenderness.

Use the right gadgets for you afro hairstyles

If your afro hairstyle has too tight curls, use a plastic or wooden comb with large teeth. Start by parting your hair into quarters, although usually 4 is enough, you can go beyond that, depending on the density of your hairstyle. Start by untangling each part as you go from the tips to end on the roots. And once you're done with one section, roll it in vanilla before repeating the same process on the rest of the head.

For frizzy hair that is starting to get longer, there are large brushes specially designed to accommodate the bulk of the hair. With their rows of large removable pins, you are sure to perform your operation without pain, otherwise you can always rely on your fingers.

Make your fingers your best allies for detangling

Even if it takes time, this method allows you to obtain a satisfactory result in a natural way and without external tools. In other words, wherever you are, you'll be able to do your makeover, because if the objects escape you, your hands stay there. With your fingers, you will find the knots more easily and undo them gently instead of pulling. The only concern is that you can't perform this operation on every type of head, some hairstyles are indeed very long and bushier.

So, by attempting this method, you may find yourself out of breath very quickly and hello to the nightmare. When your hair is well hydrated, it is more supple and this is important so that a detangling session does not turn into a power struggle. And if you are daring enough to adopt this trick, absolutely take your time, it is only like this that good things will come out of it.


Whichever method works for you, never venture to detangle your hair when it's dry. In case you are not in the shower, provide a spray bottle of water and if necessary, add a little detangling oil. When you're sure you've pulled out all the tangles, you can apply a balm specially designed to redefine curls, prevent frizz and control volume. As for the natural method, once you've applied the conditioner, that's the perfect time to start.

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