How to choose your hair curler?

How to choose your hair curler?

Having trouble finding a hair curler that's right for you? No worries. Hair curlers vary depending on the size of curls you are looking for. It is therefore important to choose a hair curler corresponding to the desired curl. While curl size may be a personal preference, the choice should also be determined by your hair texture, as some curls are only suitable for certain hair types. Before buying a hair curler, it is useful to know which one is best for your hair.

Discover in this article some elements that will guide you in your choice.

The material of manufacture

Ceramic is the most common material for hair curlers because it distributes heat evenly and smoothes the hair. Ceramic hair curlers are particularly suitable for fine hair that cannot withstand high temperatures. Made from the stone of the same name, tourmaline hair curlers emit negative ions to combat dull, dry and frizzy hair. It is ideal for thicker and difficult to comb hair.

Hair curlers with gold plate are able to withstand high temperature for a long time. They are practical for thick hair.

Used by professional hairstylists, titanium is the most durable and lightweight material in hair curlers. It is able to withstand high temperatures longer. This material is great for thick hair types.


An adjustable temperature hair curler is important. Low temperatures are ideal for fine hair while high temperatures are ideal for hard to curl hair.

Heat is crucial to keeping your curls in place, but it's important to make sure you create a delicate balance to avoid toasting your strands. Whatever your hair type, never exceed 450 degrees, and always apply a heat protection product beforehand.

  • Fine or Chemically Treated Hair: Never use heat above 300 degrees if you have fine or chemically treated hair, as these types of hair are susceptible to heat damage.
  • Healthy or medium thick hair: never use a heat setting above 300 degrees if you have fine or chemically treated hair, as these hair types are susceptible to heat damage: if your hair is virgin or medium thickness, opt for a hair curler whose temperature varies between 300 and 380 degrees.
  • Bushy, Curly, or Thick Hair: Thick hair can get away with using hair curlers with higher temperatures, between 350 and 450 degrees.

The diameter of the hair curler

Hair curlers are also available in different diameter sizes. You should choose them according to the length and texture of your hair. Also, depending on the size of curls you want.

A small size of 3-4mm is used to create tight curls. Which is perfect for people with short, fine hair; and can also add definition to curly hair.

A millimeter hair curler is the best tool there is and can work for a variety of lengths and textures.

Long hair is easier to curl with a one and a half millimeter hair curler because the full length of the hair can accommodate the length of the iron and be exposed to even heat. This size is also perfect for achieving soft waves.

Auto shut off option

Some people love hair curlers that have an automatic shut-off feature. You'll never have to worry about remembering to unplug your hair curler because it shuts itself off for you.

Choose the shape of your hair curler

Hair curlers don't just have one shape. There are many others that produce different effects. If you want a particular look, try one of these:

  • Tapered or cone-shaped hair curlers . These devices usually have a smaller end and widen to form a thicker base. They also have a thicker tip and a smaller base. They give precise curls and allow you to make more or less thick curls with the different sizes on one tool. You can get beach waves with this kind of tools. These can create romantic curls that widen at the bottom.
  • Hair curlers with barrels . This is what is found on typical curling irons. This gives your curls an even shape, allowing you to have curls and coils.
  • Hair curlers with spiral barrels . These devices have raised spiral or ribbon ridges to guide the hair into its shape. They produce a loop with a defined helix.
  • Hair curlers with pearl barrels . They feature small beads or balls along the barrel. They are used for curls that look more like natural curly hair without a perfect defined shape. It is good for natural curls, regardless of their length.
  • Double or triple barrel hair curlers . They work with long or short hair and can be a way to curl your hair if you already have a straightener. The waves give the hair an S shape instead of curls. They are perfect for long hair.


Curly, wavy and voluminous hair will never go out of fashion , even though it has adapted over the years, but for those of us who are not blessed with natural curls, the number of devices available that promise to achieve this style is quite impressive.

They all do different things, depending on factors like the material they are made from, the temperature they reach, and more. To help you choose the best device for your needs and hair type, we've gone over a few things to make it easier to choose.

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