How to straighten your hair?

How to straighten your hair?

Brushings and straightenings allow to have very smooth and presentable hair, however, but when they are not carefully carried out, they can weaken the hair fiber. Since most are unaware of the need to apply a protective treatment against heat before using these powerful gadgets, the poor hair then exposed, breaks and loses its beauty. So if you don't have the right reflexes with these objects, it's best for you to try something else. Here we offer two gentler and less burning methods to make your hair smoother.

Test the whirlwind method

Who says "swirl" necessarily says "freshness" and with this fairly simple method, you are sure to protect your hair from the harmful effects of heat.

The principle of the whirlwind method

To carry it out, you need a lot of flat pliers, a net, a spray bottle of water and a rubber band. After you shampoo, you should start by dividing your damp hair into two equal parts. For more efficiency, you can make a parting on the side, failing that, keep your usual parting. Having tied one of the sides as low as possible, you need to take a wide strand in the front, brush it while smoothing the lengths and flattening them on the skull.

The vaporizer for its part is used during the operation to wet and soften the hair so that they are as flat as possible

Succeed in your whirlwind

For a good swirl, use clips to fix and hold the hair smooth and flat. By continuing to brush the full length of your hair around the head, you will create a kind of “hair turban”. And when you've gotten to the start of the opposite side ponytail, you're going to untie it and take a section backwards.

This time, the brushing is done by going forward to join the first locks that you have fixed. And once the clamps are attached, all you have to do is wrap your hair little by little and place the net on your head, it works every time. But in case it seems complicated, you can opt for a Kardoune.

Test the kardoune or magic straightening tape

The Kardoune is a ribbon used by Algerian women to straighten their hair. To make it even simpler, you can very well replace it with a dressing gown belt or old tights. To start, you must wash and dry your hair with a soft cotton cloth, a classic t-shirt, for example. And once you've tied your hair in a ponytail, you tie the pantyhose in there, tying a knot at the start.

Don't overtighten the ponytail to avoid the lines, but be sure to pull the pantyhose tight when tying it so your hair stays straight. Once at the bottom of the ponytail, hold the pantyhose with a rubber band. You can find this small gadget of choice for a few euros on the market.

And waiting to offer it to you, test the other alternatives raised will bring you satisfaction. This technique also offers you the advantage of being fast and efficient without requiring a great deal of effort on your part.


To sum up, whether it is the whirlwind method or the raban Kardoune, you get better results by performing these operations before going to bed. In the morning, you can then undo your hair or remove the ribbon, the tights or the belt. In addition, it does not prevent you from using your hair dryer from time to time depending on the urgency. And in this case, you can consider the anti-frizz serum method or the vintage one which, in addition, helps your hair to be more flexible in its movements.

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