How to properly moisturize your hair?

How to properly moisturize your hair?

In general, for the hair to be in perfect health, it is important to moisturize it well, especially if it is too dry in nature. Hair is naturally fragile and when it doesn't get the proper care it breaks, dulls or splits, which can be quite embarrassing. Especially since on a daily basis, they are exposed to the sun, to the wind, to dust and also to friction with hats. It must be admitted that hats, helmets and scarves also do not make life very easy for them. So, to limit the consequences of all these risks, you will find here some tips to adopt.

Include oil baths on your hair in your daily routine

The simplest trick to make an oil bath is to massage your hair fiber with the oil of your choice without reaching the roots and the scalp. However, there are several qualities of essential oils and not all of them are likely to be suitable for your hair type. For example, if your hair is oily in nature, you will prioritize jojoba or hazelnut oils. And in terms of hair growth, treat yourself to care with vegetable oils of castor, avocado, sweet almond, argan or olive.

If you are discovering an oil for the first time, start by assessing your sensitivity by applying it to the inside of your elbow and observing the reaction of your skin. Oil baths, on the other hand, should be done preferably at night, so that the essential ingredients of the oil penetrate your hair deeply during sleep. If you're in a hurry, after your hair has spent about 30 minutes wrapped in a silky towel, you can do a mild shampoo.

Make your hair shine with shea butter and egg yolk

Shea butter contains precious acids that boost the shine and luster of dry hair. However, it must be very pure so that your hair can benefit as much as possible from its components. As with essential oils, avoid touching your scalp when applying it and feel free to let it sit overnight if you have the chance. You can also alternate with egg yolk from time to time by making a little grandmother's recipe.

To do this, simply mix egg yolk with a tablespoon of olive oil and apply the resulting creamy texture to the length of your hair. To leave on for 10 minutes and after proceeding with your usual shampoo, to rinse thoroughly. As for your shampoos, you have to space them out since dry hair does not produce a large amount of sebum.

Adopt recipes for natural masks on your hair

Unlike deep treatments, hair masks can be used a little more often. If you don't buy your mask in a store, you can prepare it yourself using ingredients that are fairly easy to find. On the hydration side, do not hesitate to test the benefits of the aloe vera plant on your hair. The amino acids, enzymes and minerals that its famous gel contains will bring softness and do a lot of good to your dry hair.

All you have to do is apply it to your hair, starting from the root, all the way to the tips. For the rest, your hair will simply absorb all the essential nutrients during drying and thus gain in vitality.


Contrary to popular belief, moisturizing dry hair has nothing to do with ordinary washes. It is even recommended to stop washing your hair for about a month to heal it. And when you resume, you must space out the shampoos so as not to attack the hair. On the other hand, you must give priority to oil baths and take advantage of those dressed in natural ingredients such as egg yolk or aloe will see. And when you want to carry out your essential oil treatments, leave it to rest preferably all night for a more impressive result at the level of the hair fiber.

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