How to have soft hair?

How to have soft hair?

When you look at the hair of people who advertise hair products on TV, you immediately think that you should buy this style of product in order to have hair as shiny as theirs. Know that having such hair is quite possible, and this with or without advertising products. Efficiency requires regularity, so if you take a few simple steps on a continuous basis, your hair will be as soft, silky and shiny as you want it to be. From towels to hairbrushes to essential oils, you'll find a few tricks here that may work for you.

Ditch the towels

For starters, detangling your hair immediately after washing is not a really good method. Admittedly, it's a simple reflex, but it costs your precious hair dearly. You will at best avoid having water running over you, but your hair will be damaged. Indeed, the hair fibers break more when you rub them with a towel. The best alternative you have is to wear something soft, made of cotton, like a classic t-shirt.

And if you like hair dryers, avoid using them when your hair is very wet. What happens in this case is that the water drops present in the hair destroy the hair structure when they start to heat up. Good drying is done step by step, you need to separate your hair into portions and process them one after the other. Likewise, by directing the air from the top down, your strands become smooth and your hair soft.

Make essential oils your best allies

When you use a conditioner, it helps close the ends, while the masks provide the nutrients your hair needs. And by looking at their composition, one can easily assign a function to the different essential oils used in their manufacture. Among the ingredients likely to make your hair soft and silky, shea butter, jojoba, ylang-ylang, burdock, coconut or argan oils are the ones you need.

Indeed, there are many others and before applying them, you must check that you are not allergic to them. To do this, apply some on your elbow and see how your skin reacts, it prevents you from damaging your scalp. During sleep, the products penetrate the scalp better, so favor the applications of essential oils before going to bed.

Bring softness to your hair before going to bed

It is a simple and pleasant process that contributes greatly to improving the appearance of your hair. All you have to do is apply oil to the comb close to the teeth and brush your hair carefully for a few minutes. The type of hair should not be neglected, however, if your hair is oily for example, a single drop of oil will do the trick. And in the case of dry hair, you can afford to go up to 3 drops.

Similarly, on your oily hair, you will get more results by using lemon, juniper, bergamot or tea tree oil. And if you are more of the second category, essential oils of ylang-ylang, verbena, lavender or orange will be your best allies. Also note that the combs have a lot to do with the rendering of your hair. In this section, you must give priority to wooden combs, because they better marry the texture of your hair by easily detangling the curls without however making them electric.


As you will have understood, even if an oil or potion is supposed to work every time, it is possible that it will produce the opposite effect for you. Reason why you should always check your sensitivity to a product before using it, consider this as a kind of eligibility test. On the other hand, if your hair gets too used to the products, it will only contribute to reducing the expected effects. It's a bit like administering a vaccine to your hair to immunize it against these ingredients and it is very likely that over time, it will no longer be sensitive to them. Even if you want to use products daily on your hair, plan at least two types, in order to vary.

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