How to have curly hair naturally?

How to have curly hair naturally?

Even if having curly hair is a bit difficult when the texture is stiff, there are still some natural tricks to get there. For those who, for example, have already slightly wavy hair, the process may be faster. While for others, it's a little more complex: although it doesn't involve torturing the hair with curling irons and aggressive products of all kinds. The good news for you is that there's no shortage of great tools for natural curls, and you'll get details on just a few here.

Fabric socks and bands can curl your hair easily

To start, cut old socks lengthwise to get lots of strips of fabric. Since you will be using them to tie up your hair strands, make sure they are not too thin or too short. It is important that the hair remains damp and not soaked for the rest of the operation. You have the choice to apply gel or mousse, because it will facilitate the formation of curls and these will last longer.

After parting your hair into sections, wrap each of the portions around the middle of the sock strips. You must play on the thickness of the locks depending on the style of curls desired. For example, if you take large locks, the curls are going to be rather thick. At the end of each section, tie the two ends of the fabric and once the operation is completed, wrap all your hair together.

It's best to keep them like this overnight and tie them well so they don't come undone. Once your hair has dried well, remove the strips and now all you have to do is style it however you want.

Braids and buns are handy for curling your hair

Once the hair is clean and damp, apply a styling product so that the curls can form well. You can easily find special foams for curls, do not hesitate to use a good quantity. Thereafter, you just have to make braids on your head. If you only want to curl the bottom of your hair, four African braids should do the trick. But if you want curls throughout the length of the hair, then the braids should be smaller.

You can also make buns by separating your hair into equal portions and twisting them one after the other. In the latter case, you'll use rubber bands to make ponytails before you start twisting. For a more wavy hairstyle, you should use socks instead. Then you can style your hair as you wish, once it is dry.

Natural curls require more care

Natural curls don't appreciate daily washing, and even when you use shampoo, the ends are to be avoided. On the other hand, prioritize sulfate-free products, as it's a harsh detergent that will dry out your hair and make it more brittle. On the other hand, you must use a fairly wide-toothed comb and above all do not use a brush on dry hair.

As for drying, the process should be done as naturally as possible, so if you like hair dryers, you should apply a heat protectant spray beforehand. And before drying your hair with a fabric, make sure it doesn't have any coarse fibers, lest your locks get caught on it.


Indeed, there are many products on the market to help you define your curls and reduce frizz at the same time. Between mousses, sprays, anti-frizz creams and gels, many solutions answer the call to make it easier for you to form curls on your hair. It is even more interesting to associate them with other gadgets without which the process does not work. Also, don't forget to have your ends trimmed regularly, so you won't end up with split ends.

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