How do I apply my tape-in ​​extensions?

How do I apply my tape-in ​​extensions?

If the idea of ​​going to a hair salon becomes problematic, you must find solutions to continue to look elegant and enhance your hair as well. In this vein, laying your tape-in ​​extensions at home without the help of a hairdresser is an interesting alternative. It's normal to think that it's complicated because you don't have the basics yet. But with this article, applying the extensions yourself will be a piece of cake. Before doing so, read this entire article carefully.

The basics you need to properly apply your hair extensions at home will be given to you step by step, and you will see how to apply your artificial hair quickly and without pressure.

What are hair extensions?

These are hair extensions that you can put on your buds and give your hair a natural look. They give volume and length to your hair. They come in different forms: from the lock of natural hair which gives rather satisfactory results, but is still expensive, to the less expensive synthetic lock of hair, but which also manages to give satisfaction to many of you.

Adhesive extensions can be applied by anyone. They adapt according to the type of hair: afro, flexible, fine, short. They are also available in different colors. To succeed in your poses, follow these few rules that will make you specialists in the installation of home extensions.

What are the rules to follow to make your applications successful?

These few rules are as follows:

Sandwich your hair between two adhesive strips, and respect a distance of two millimeters between your scalp and the strip. You must also respect the angle of the pose which must be perpendicular, in the direction of your hair growth to avoid pulling it too much. Respect the balance between the amount of hair in the section and the amount of hair in the strip.

You should also distribute the hair along the entire length of the band and not just in the middle to prevent it from slipping. The last rule is to check your additions after each month to remove hair that has come off the leather from your buds so that it does not cause a cottony effect on the root.

How to properly explain your hair extensions?

Tape in extensions are sandwiched across your hair. To achieve this, you need to take the end of your tail comb, section off a section of your hair. As soon as it's done, you must stick the strip above and below your hair strand so that the two extensions stick well together. Here's how you should do it.

Step 1 : Using your comb, section a section of your hair and lift the rest of the hair so as not to spoil the work. And then, take a strip of your extensions that you glue first above then a little that you will glue below. While taking into account a distance of 2 mm between the shoot and the strips.

Step 2 : Release the attached hair above your hairline. Do this from the back of your head to the front and like that from the bottom to the top and to finish, now take the sides and do the same thing. Here you have just finished your pose to perfection.


To successfully apply your hair extensions correctly, you must follow the rules given above. Respecting these rules will allow you to properly apply your extensions and reduce working time. If the idea of ​​placing the tape extensions yourself has not yet crossed your mind, here is the opportunity to try them out and make up your own mind.

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