How do I apply my curlers?

How do I apply my curlers?

Before hair straighteners and curling irons flooded the hair care market, women had to learn how to condition their locks differently. Brushing her wet hair with different types of rollers and drying it were habits common to many. But many have abandoned this style in favor of more modern concepts. However, curlers are still a good technique for achieving long-lasting curls without using too much heat. By following these few simple steps, you will see how to apply curlers and how to obtain a breathtaking “curly hair” look.

Wrap your hair with a curler

In preparation, part your hair in 3 sections: at the top, left and right of the head.

Start for the highest part

Use a wide curler at the top before gradually decreasing in size as you go down.

  • Divide each of these three sections into smaller ones with a roll width of up to 5 cm. Spin the curlers in the direction you want them to fall.
  • Hold the hair between two fingers. This will smooth the edges of the hair around the curlers. Continue until you reach the scalp.
  • Repeat the actions of the first section on the following sections.
  • Remember the direction you want the curls to fall. Place the curler on the selected side and wrap it from there.
  • To get the curls more evenly, you need to rotate the hair in different directions.
  • If you need a small, tight curl, use a small hair curler. Use a medium size for classic large curls.
  • Use a small curler near the nape of the back section.

start the sides your head

Repeat the same steps as above.

  • Go down and back around your ears.
  • Start using the little curlers at the bottom of this section of hair.
  • Pass to the other side and roll up as before.

Dry hair and remove curlers

Sit under the hair dryer for 30 minutes. Then check if your hair is completely dry. Remove one of the curlers and see if it's dry. Otherwise, wait an additional 10-15 minutes under the hair dryer before removing the curlers.

If you have the opportunity to sleep with the rollers on your head, remove them only in the morning.

When your hair is completely dry, lay it out one after the other. Please proceed slowly so that your hair does not get tangled. It turns out to be easier to remove the curlers from the bottom up.

Style your curls

Placing the curlers being only a condition for obtaining beautiful curls, a few gestures must be made to finalize your hairstyle.

Style curly hair

Once all the curlers are removed, you can brush your hair to make it more flexible. Please be careful not to overdo it. The curl should maintain its shape throughout this process.

You can also use a thick comb or your fingers to go through the hair and separate the curls to add volume.

Finish the hairstyle

Once you have achieved the desired curly look and volume, you can finish your hairstyle. The result: long, flexible curls. You can tie your hair back or secure it with a pin just like you would with straight hair.


You can enjoy your new hairstyle for 2-3 days. The preparation of the hair before the pose of curler is especially not to be neglected. Shampoo and moisturizer are equally important to achieve a fabulous result

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