How to accelerate hair growth?

How to accelerate hair growth?

Even if the hair naturally gains a few centimeters per year, many times, it seems that it takes its time to grow. Many people dream of a wild mane as their hair barely grazes their shoulders. If this is your case, you just have to be patient, because there are many solutions for this. From pro recipes to grandma's tricks, you have a range of solutions to get your lovely hair exactly the size you want.

Take care of your hair and nourish the fiber

There are simple gestures which, applied on a daily basis, will do your hair the greatest good. For starters, stop waging war on hair, because if it breaks, it's not their fault. The truth is that your hair is likely to grow faster if you use gentle strokes when brushing. When there are knots, do not hesitate to bet on the detangler and preferably use the large combs on your hair when it is wet.

Once this base is in place, you can now rely on quality masks, shampoos and conditioners. And to further nourish your hair, use nourishing products such as castor oil or nigella. Apart from fiber, also feed your body in general. In case you didn't know, most of the vitamins and nutrients that help your hair grow come from the foods you eat.

Purify your hair and keep it tied

When it comes to hair growth, “too oily” or “too dry” are really undesirable concepts. If in the first case, it is the sebum that suffocates the scalp, in the second, dandruff does not make life very easy for it. So, before imagining your very long hair, start by doing the necessary work, in the kingdom of long hair, dandruff and sebum are not welcome.

Styling your hair is also an advantage for its growth, in case you didn't know, windy hair is more exposed to aggression. So, vary between braids and chignons without moderation for the greatest happiness of your hair. And to promote blood flow to the scalp, wash your hair upside down. In case you have enough courage, dare the headstand position and you will see how your hair says thank you.

Sleep, adopt the right temperature and boost the remedies

When you lack sleep, it increases the chances that your hair will be unhealthy and grow less quickly, or hardly at all. Usually the body needs 8 hours of sleep, but if you can't do that for your hair, don't go below 6 hours, because that's the bare minimum. On the temperature side, it is known that hair fibers require lukewarm water to open and allow the active ingredients of masks and shampoos to penetrate.

This does not mean that the water must be hot for the process to be intense. After the lukewarm water, you can continue with cold water which will close the scales and at the same time stimulate hair growth. Do not hesitate to add small drops of known potions to your shampoo, such as essential oil of rosemary, peppermint, thyme, nettle or rosewood.

In general, the resulting mixture should sit on your head overnight. And finally, egg yolk, avocado or olive oil should rarely be missing in your masks.


It is important to enrich your diet with eggs, meat, vegetables, seafood and dairy products, fatty fish and cereals, among others. Even if very often we neglect it, it is the simplest gestures that contribute to making our hair grow. From gentle massages and balanced meals to braids and treatments, it's not that short of a list of prerequisites for anyone who aspires to longer hair. Do not neglect the homemade recipes and natural cosmetic products specially designed to accompany you in your quest.

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