How to properly rinse your hair?

How to properly rinse your hair?

Among the steps taken to take care of your hair, rinsing is often the most neglected. We tend to just pour abundant clear water on the hair to rinse the care. The gestures are poorly executed and you risk breaking the hair fiber with this automation. Discover the tips of the professionals to succeed in this essential step of your hair routine.

The importance of hair rinsing

When you clean your hair, your main goal is to remove dirt and products that have been applied. This action will allow the hair fibers to get rid of the residues that have accumulated there. It can be hair care such as shampoos, masks and styling creams. But the hair can also be weighed down by the limestone found in the washing water.

The rinsing step is essential to give your hair better health. This will allow them to gain shine and volume. If you constantly neglect the proper rinsing of your hair, it will tend to break or even fall out. Despite the other care you apply afterwards, the condition of your hair will not improve.

Rinsing will help you avoid frizz, one of the ordeals of curly and frizzy hair. But above all, it will air the hair and optimize the micro-circulation of the hair.

The right ways to rinse your hair

Like at the hairdresser, get into the habit of lifting your head to rinse your hair at home. This posture will prevent the roots and lengths from getting tangled. Moreover, it is advisable to rinse your hair in the shower in order to be more comfortable and better handle your hair.

Rinse the hair for a long time

You have to rinse several times while washing your hair. This should be done after applying the various care products. It can be shampoo, conditioner and following the use of a conditioner or mask.

The rinsing time is also important for your hair to be healthy. A single pass in the water is not enough to clean them. Rinse for at least 2 minutes, or until the water runs very clear and there is no trace of suds. If you use non-foaming care, you just have to feel the hair squeak under your hair.

Choose the right temperature

Contrary to popular belief, it is not advisable to rinse all of your hair with hot water. This will result in stripping and opening the scales of the hair. The heat can also promote the imbalance of your scalp which will become more oily and prone to dandruff. Prefer rinsing with lukewarm water for the first few minutes before ending with cold water. This jet will serve as a boost to boost the shine of your hair.

If you want to make your hair shine, you can add lemon juice to the rinse water. This tip is also ideal for limiting the effects of limestone on your hair.

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